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What is Laser Acne Treatment?

People commonly grow up learning that beauty isn't everything. Nonetheless, as we mature, we start to observe that first impressions have an immense effect on our achievements. Acne is one of the multiple challenges that affect your potential to be sure of yourself. Men and women who experience acne generally have severe blemishes or inflamed bumps on their face, neck, top of the back, shoulders, upper torso, upper arms, and thighs. It can greatly impact your life, not just from a cosmetic perspective but from an emotional one, too. If you have tried a variety of prescriptions, creams, or face cleansers but nothing appears to provide relief, acne laser therapy might be an excellent choice for your skin. After the typical number of procedures, many of our Great Falls, MT patients observe tremendous improvements in their skin and are thrilled with the results. Montana Skin & Laser and Center for Weight Management is happy to offer nonsurgical laser services that help treat active acne with the Harmony® XL PRO. We urge you to reach out and hear more about laser-based acne treatments and schedule an appointment.

Laser Acne Treatment FAQ

How much does laser acne treatment cost?
The price of laser acne treatment could vary by the number of appointments that comprise your treatment plan. In the preparation phases, nurse practitioner Sarah Pack will evaluate the quality of your skin and go over the number of appointments you could receive to reach your goals.

How is laser acne treatment done?
In order to perform this approach, a member of our staff will pick the Harmony XL PRO handpiece that is best for your own complexion. They can then guide the suctioning technology across the treatment regions to clean your pores and treat acne.

How long will my results last?
Results after laser acne treatment vary for each person. Considering laser acne removal targets current acne, you might have to receive periodic treatments as soon as your acne starts to flare up again and practice an effective skin care regimen.

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