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What is Laser Vein Removal?

Usually located on the face and legs, spider veins are small, branching blood vessels that are visible underneath the skin. Caused by many factors, like age and genetics, spider veins may be blue, red, or purple, which makes them hard to mask. As these veins usually get worse over the years and become more visible, it's smart to seek treatment when they first appear. To decrease the look of spider veins on the body and face, Montana Skin & Laser and Center for Weight Management offers nonsurgical laser vein removal treatments for Great Falls, MT men and women. At your initial consultation, nurse practitioner Sarah Pack will create a personalized plan to meet your unique needs and goals for your laser vein reduction treatment.

Laser Vein Removal FAQ

How much does laser vein removal cost?
Your laser vein removal treatment is priced depending on the number of veins being addressed and the number of sessions that are necessary to achieve optimal outcomes. At your first consultation, a member of our staff will examine your veins, the extent of them, and their location to create a customized treatment process before establishing a cost. Montana Skin & Laser and Center for Weight Management takes multiple payment options and frequently offers deals on treatments, such as laser vein removal.

Should I get laser vein removal or sclerotherapy?
A laser vein removal treatment is appropriate to help veins of all kinds and sizes. Depending on your needs, some treatments may be better than others according to your goals. Laser vein treatments might work well for certain veins, but if you have certain types of spider veins, you could be a better candidate for sclerotherapy, which injects a saline-based solution directly into the spider vein to collapse it. Larger veins, such as varicose veins, usually work well with laser-based vein treatments, but if the vein is larger, a surgical procedure might be the best option. We will work with you to select your ideal treatment choice according to your specific concerns and goals.

Does the vein go away?
Laser vein therapy will address the vein with a concentrated beam of energy that heats the vein and then eliminates it. The laser is extremely meticulous and is highly focused on only the selected vein so that it won't hurt the nearby skin tissue. When the vein has collapsed, it takes about 1 – 2 months for it to be reabsorbed by your body and disappear.

Where can laser vein removal be used?
Visible veins can be found on your face, thighs, lower legs, and near your ankles. Anywhere a spider vein exists, laser vein removal may be a good treatment technique. Our advanced laser system uses precision when treating the specific vein so the tissue and skin around the area are typically unaffected.

Is laser vein removal painful?
Prior to your treatment, our staff may put on an anesthetic cream to help you stay at ease. Many patients report feeling a slight tingling sensation as the laser focuses on the area. Most lasers on the market, such as the one used by our practice, have a built-in system that generates a cooling sensation. This minimizes pain while also preventing the laser from getting too hot, as this may cause a wound or other harm to the skin.

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